my why

At home in Iowa City you can usually find me editing, chasing the sunset, or binging the latest Netflix series. I'm a nurse by trade and a photographer by heart. There's something so humbling about witnessing life's hardest moments in the hospital setting, while also having the opportunity to capture the purest and most beautiful moments in someone's life. 

I grew up a creative and free soul. Someone who's passionate about others and also about art and beauty. From an early age, I was mesmerized by my great grandfather's photography scrapbooks. Obsessed with the stories told through images, I knew photography was a path for me.

Ultimately, I seek to serve others. I want to serve you in the best way possible by telling your story in a genuine and unique form. I believe your love story is worth being shared and celebrated. I seek to honor you and document these fleeting moments in your life. Whether you're a graduating senior, a couple madly in love, or a family full of fun, I want to build a relationship with you and tell your story.

Favorite things?

If you must know one thing about me and one thing only, it is that I am the biggest Harry Styles fan (top 0.05% fan might I add). I love music. I always bring a speaker to my shoots, so if you tell me what music you like, I would love to play it during your session. I love to shop and find new outfits to wear... its an addiction. Finding new restaurants and recipes to try also bring me much joy.


Whenever I am not at a photo shoot, you can usually find me hanging out with my twin brother, drinking margaritas with my friends, skiing in the winter, roller blading in the summer, or just generally enjoying the outdoors with my family. If my mom and I could be anywhere in the world, it would be at a beach (we aren't picky). I love to travel and explore new places, so if you are considering a destination shoot or elopement, I am your man.

interesting facts?

Some might call me a nerd and that I am (well a band nerd that is). Throughout college at the University of Iowa, I was involved in the Hawkeye Marching Band. As a freshman, I remember being SO nervous and excited to meet new people, and the marching band was the best place to do that. I have met some of my favorite people through my time in that organization. After college, I became a pediatric nurse, which is what I do when I am not behind a camera.